We have a large selection of boats available to rent in all sizes. Whether you want to accommodate a large group, a family or simply a couple, you will find a boat that matches your needs here at La Baraque Nautique.

There are different kinds of boat rentals at your availability.

Boats up to 30HP that do not require a speedboat licence.

–          Quicksilver 4,70m, 15hp. Maximum of 3 people at a time.

–          Poseidon 5,10m, 30hp. Maximum of 4 people at a time




Boats for rent that require a speedboat licence.

–          Joker clubman 17ft 70hp. Maximum of 5 people at a time.

–          Joker coaster 20ft 100hp. Maximum of 7 people at a time.

–          Bat 25ft 250hp. Maximum of 9 people at a time.

–          Joker clubman 26ft 250hp. Maximum of 9 people at a time.



With every boat, you are free to roam around the island and to the small islands surrounding Skiathos. Stop wherever you may please, without having to be a part of a daily cruise, with no schedule.

If again you are not sure, please do not hesitate to ask as for our offers that include special boat trips along with a personal captain. Please contact us for more information.


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