At La Baraque Nautique we do our best to provide you with the most possible choices of water sports available.

You are also free to provide your personal gear of choice.

Our current Fun Towables are:

–          Tubes/Rings(Donuts)  Maximum of 4 people at a time.


–          Sea Rocket(Banana) Maximum of 10 people at a time.


–          The Sofa(Chase lounge) Maximum of 4 people at a time.


–          Sea Gliders(Solo/Dragon) Maximum of 4 at a time.


–          Parachute Maximum of 2 people at a time.


Every fun towable has a minimum of 2 people in order to operate.

You may also discover Marines reef by talking out a Kayak of your choice, you may paddle as long as your journey may be…before the sun goes down.

Kayaks Maximum of 2 adults and 1 child at a time.


Get your partner, your children or your friends and a have a good time! We insure you your safety and we are ready to listen to your instructions. Thumbs up – Faster. Thumbs Down – Slower. It is that simple and it is all it takes. All ages can enjoy and have fun.

Please drop by La Baraque Nautique on Troulos beach or contact us for information regarding water sports.